The game

Just the way you held around me, tight. Your smell, look and loving words. This was really it I thought to myself, this was the moments I had been waiting for so long to happen. - just as the thought had hitted me I woke up from my dream. It was a strange dream where you was so sweet and kind towards me, just as I had imagined to myself.

But I woke up, and was a bit dissapointed that it was all just a dream, but on the other hand I was relived. I don't know what is was but this kind of wave of love had hitted me the last weeks. I want to feel loved and have fun with boys. I want someone to hold around me, watch movies with and just someone to lay in bed with all day. But the million dollar question was where to find him?

My search started... Eh well, everywhere!(?) I was kind of desperate, but not too desperate. Matter of fact I was kind of picki when it came to boys. I don't want a boyfriend because I have no time for that now, but just a boy to call, talk to and cuddle with. I miss having someone to hold around me and kiss me good night, and all my lately dreams was a reflection of that. The more I thought of wanting a "cuddle-guy" the more I started to make plans. And plans always needs a goal, right?
Therefore I have decided to do something about it. My plan is on.

And btw, that guy I have been planning to meet up with again, well we never can make it. Both of us is very bussy with school, and out life in general. But I know that one day we will meet and then I will just see what happens. I have small expectations for us, one of the reasons is me. I am just not as interested as I should be. Even thought the thought of meeting him is very tempting.

I guess I just am desperate for some action now a days. A quote once heard had been stuck with me theast years since I heard it. "Never regret or fear anything before you are in it". And that quoted is so true, just think about it. Things does not always turn out the way you might think. Often for the better!

Have a wonderful week everyone, and good luck with your manhunt;-)

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