The show must go on

Hi, you remember that guy I have been talking about? The guy I have sent some texts with, but never meet after that amazing party night for some months ago. Anyways we have talked some and have planned to meet some time very soon. Right before Christmas he send me the cutest text asking me if I could find some time for him so we could meet up when the holidays were over and when we both where back in town. I answered him and said "yes, that would have been great:)".
On New Year's Eve I send him a texts wishing him a good new year and hoped he had a great celebration. But I never got any answer back. So now I am sitting here and don't know how to feel about it. As earlier mentioned I am not I love with him,but just the feeling that he does not reply stresses me a bit. And all he typical thoughts comes to my brain. "Dosesnt he like me anymore?", "have he found someone else?", "is he tired of me and him never meeting?", "have he something going on with somebody else?". I guess you get the picture... If he have found someone else I feel so happy for him, by all meens. But still, what now? What about me and us?

All I know is that the show must go on. And earlier he has always replied me as some point, even thought this is not the first time he has not been answering my texts. Just because he is so bad at replying, and he admit it himself as well as he has told me he is sorry multiple of times because of his late and sometimes non reply texts.

But I always get some text from him sometime, but not this time... I have said this soapy times before and every time he proofs me wrong. I hope he will text me soon again, bale wise he seems like a really nice guy. Bit as I said the show must go on. And my life is cutie a show, at least in my head. ;-)

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve! I did not get any kiss and noon, hope you guys did. Specially from your beloved or secret one. No matter what happens, it can ways be better, always remember that!

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