"Things needs rain to grow, sunlight can not do it alone"

Sunny days and rainy days we all have them. I do not talk about sunny days or rainy days in the meaning of the weather,but in the meaning of mood, what happend and just how that particular day has been in general. I have a lot of sunny days in my life, maybe even more days than i can imagine. But it is the rainy days we remember the best, isnt it? the days when you "hate" life, and all what happens that day.

I have a lot of negative thoughts. Not because my life is sooo miserable or awfull in any way, but just because it is the way i am built. But the last months i have tried to think more positive. When something negative has happen to me, instead of saying "why me?", i say "try me!". And just that little quote i found a late night at "weheartit.com" has helped. Just simply changing the way you are thinking. I have also read and seen some movies on youtube about mindfullness, how to handle stress, how to think positive and so on. it has helped. It is all about our influence! negative influende automatically turns into negative thoughts, and vice versa. and your mind influences you!

In one of the youtube videos i saw there was a doctor talking about how to deal with things. He had delivered bad news to one of his patients, and the answer he got had surprised him, and was something he had thought about everyday since. The patient reply on the bad news was "i follow the 10-90 rule. I mean that 10% in life is what happens to us, and 90% is how you take it.

Try changing the way you are thinking. Read some articles or books. See some videos. Just do something about it. "It is all in your head" and "only your mind can stop you" is two of my new favourite quotes. Your mind decides most of you life, how you are feeling, what you are feeling and so on.

If you are starting a new project about something, why not start with yourself? You are always going to be together with yourself and your thought is going to follow you anywhere, al the time in life. Just remember that.

And if you have a bad day...

"Things needs rain to grow, sunlight can not do it alone.."

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