Life philosophy

A few years ago she sat down talking to an elder relative about a challenge she was afraid to face. She could not remember a lot from the conversation, but she remembered some wise words she got, a quote that had affected her life in so many ways. The quote said:

"it is better to regret something you did, that to regret something you never did it at all".

Every time she was stuck in one of life's many problems she thought about the quote. Every time she did something good and even the times she did something she was not so sure about. The quote had helped her through a lot of difficulties, and thinking back on some of the situations she was happy she did what she had to, in stead of watching from the sideline. Sure, she was regretting a lot of things, but the thought of never doing it at all was terrifying to her.

Once again she was stuck in a sort of problem, this time about a guy. Not just a random guy, but that guy. She had been giving him long looks from a distance for a very long while, but never done something about it. Every time she saw him she was thinking about the quote, but with him it was just way to scary to ask him for anything. Even when she knew that she was just tourtouring herself by just adore him from a distance instead of actually talking to him and get an answer. The guessing and analyzing of his actions towards her and other girls was tearing on her.

She often day dreamed about this guy. How it would be to know him. Cuddle with him and even kiss him. But she would never know how this might end if she was going to stand watch him from the sideline... She had to do something about it, and she was going to. She layd a plan in her head. A coward plan, about getting slowly more contact with him. And she knew just where to start, with meeting his eyes, hold the state at him for 2-3 sec and then look away. She had often read about body language, and this should be a great way if making him more courious and make him get a knowing that she might liked him without telling him about it.

Even though her quote always went through her mind when she saw him she was afraid. Afraid of what might happen if he knew how she really felt about him.

From the book "one in the crowd", chapter 3 "young and stupid leads to old and wise".

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